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REDBOOK Amplifies Mental Health Awareness with 'SHOUT': A Musical Exploration of Anxiety

UK's alt-folk sensation, REDBOOK, teams up with Future Youth Records to deliver 'SHOUT' – a single navigating the tumultuous waves of panic attacks with innovative soundscapes

Brighton's dynamic duo, REDBOOK, known for their eclectic blend of alt-folk and indie pop, returns to the forefront of the music scene with their compelling new single, 'SHOUT.' Following a successful UK tour in 2022, Soraya Grosso and Jake Tweddle channel their experiences with mental health into a single that captures the essence of a panic attack through innovative musicality and heartfelt storytelling.

With 'SHOUT,' REDBOOK takes listeners on an auditory journey through the highs and lows of anxiety, featuring ever-changing time signatures that mirror the unpredictable nature of panic attacks. The track's gritty synth bass lays the foundation for a powerful juxtaposition between smooth, layered melodies and raw, emotional screams, creating an immersive soundscape that resonates with those who have faced similar struggles.

In an exciting collaboration, REDBOOK has partnered with Future Youth Records, an LA-based non-profit record label dedicated to social justice causes. This partnership underscores the duo's commitment to raising awareness about mental health issues and fostering conversations that prioritize well-being and support.

REDBOOK's journey in music has been marked by their unique sound, which seamlessly blends Soraya's rich, soulful vocals and mastery of Italian classics with Jake's punk and folk influences. Their storytelling, described as "honest and raw," connects instantly with listeners, as seen in previous releases like the romantic 'i love you' and the mellow yet epic 'little friend.'

With 'SHOUT,' REDBOOK continues to push the boundaries of their musical expression while shining a light on the critical issue of mental health. The single serves not only as a testament to their artistic innovation but also as a beacon of hope and understanding for those navigating the challenges of mental health.

"SHOUT" is available on all major streaming platforms, inviting audiences to experience REDBOOK's profound exploration of anxiety and the power of music to articulate and soothe the complexities of the human mind. Join REDBOOK and Future Youth Records in their mission to keep the conversation around mental health alive and impactful.

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