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Rehya Stevens' 'LOVE PARTY': A Vibrant Synth-Packed Single That Ignites the Dance Floor

Reyha Stevens is committed to bringing us full frontal sounds blended with modern club rhythms and fanciful synth splashes. Her latest single, ‘LOVE PARTY,’ is a dutifully wonderful track that takes the good vibes of the club and condenses them into song. It’s all about the colour of the lights, the heat in the air and the pulsing rhythms coming from the thick subwoofers in the corner of the room. That kind of sound hits you in your gut and brings out the beast, it’s something unique to that scenario that we rarely experience anywhere else. Rehya Stevens brings us back into the room, the heat, the texture, the crowd, they are all there, bouncing to the bass drum and those rising synth tones.

‘LOVE PARTY’ is one of those tracks that needs to be listened to if you want to fully understand it. Yes, it sounds fantastic and has obviously been created by a talented group of individuals. But what makes this single special is the way it makes you move and the attention to detail in the melodies. This isn’t a song that sits idly by and plays out its little fantasy, this is a song that brings its fantasy to you, so you can breathe it, taste it, feel it. Two moments and you’re tapping your heel — two minutes and you just cannot help it. A brilliant single, full of lush ideas and spirited passion.



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