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Rekindling the Golden Age of Rock: MAL's 'Hero's Gold' Sparks a Melodic Rebellion

MAL has brought the good times of rock back to the present with their latest single, ‘Hero’s Gold.’ It has the fire in its gut like the greats of the 90s. But there’s some more melody overhead like MAL are also pulling from the glamour of the 80s. The song opens with that guitar. If you love it, you love it forever. It winds a melody through distortion and tone and pulls the drums out of their slumber. A bass line straight from the heart of RUSH bounds in as the vocals get underway. The brilliance is there, the sound is sharp and has some bite. It helps you find that melodic groove amongst the rock.

‘Hero’s Gold’ speaks to me like a calling for the return of an era. I think by shouting out with powerful rock, searching for those like-minded souls and sounds, you will inevitably create them yourself. In looking for the golden age of rock, MAL has sounded the gong of the greats and brought about a rock and roll reckoning. The single is powerful, harmonic, and it resonates with that rocker inside of you. This kind of music makes you want to start a band, get involved and rock out like the rest of them. A smashing single from an absolutely smashing band. Energising.



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