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REVIEW - 'Belong' - Teeleonie

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Teeleonie has come through with her latest release titled 'Belong' and we loved it! Opening with a soulful, tribal vibe you instantly hear the passion in the harmonies. The synth smoothly joins alongside the hi-hats instantly getting you bopping. Teeleonie has a great way of portraying her spirituality through her music not only through the lyrics but also through the production and execution of her vocals. The cover art is a perfect fit for the vibe of the track showing Teeleonie in earthly colours with a backdrop of autumn trees and the sun beaming. Not forgetting the butterflies as a symbol of freedom and growth. We can't wait to hear more from Tee in the upcoming months and years as she grows along with her sound!

What our CEO has to say...

"I've known Tee for a couple of years and I was so excited to do some editorial work for her. She sticks to her own sound and doesn't deviate from that. It's really refreshing to see an artist who is still able to do that in today's climate." - Tamara Jenna

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