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REVIEW - 'No Slip No Sleep' - Ruzzy Shakur ft TY Eddie x Pella Gammo

Ruzzy Shakur, TY Eddie and Pella Gammo came through last month with their release titled 'No slip no sleep' When asked about the track they said that it "is a motivational speaker itself it calls on God to see our means of streetly earnings". Produced by 'Beat Strategy' we're instantly given an old school R&B glockenspiel synth before bringing in a heavy 808 followed by a union of soft vocals and Afro Beats. Definitely one to add to your Summer playlist. We love the way the artists bring their own vocal style to each of their parts. Sometimes we can't identify different vocal styles on tracks and they can get quite repetitive but these artists each bring something different to the track in terms of their vocal execution.


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