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RHIAN! - Be My Baby This Christmas - A TJPL CHRISTMAS

We have hit that time of year, we have all reached December, the tubs of chocolates fill the shelves, the trees go up, the light switch on events take place and London Artist Rhian! releases a Christmas track in perfect tune with the festivities.

Featuring a gorgeous gospel-style organ and choir-like vocal introduction, which then falls into building vocals, almost reminiscent of something that would be present in a Sister Act film. This fast progress into the pure vocal styling of Rhian! backed by a glorious choir adding that holiday spirit feels we all look for. With the simple catchy lyrics, straight from the title of the song ‘Be My Baby This Christmas’, repeating for a vast amount of the track, it’ll be no time at all before you are able to sing along or even sing it to that special someone you want to be yours this season.

What is truly amazing about this track is that it features every single element we may want for that perfect Hallmark film soundtrack. - JASMINE

Listening along will have you picturing a protagonist, maybe yourself, leading the way in those typical Christmas love stories that become so important at this time of year.


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