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Rich Hennessy Unveils "Sidelines": A Soulful Exploration of Longing and Belonging

Rich Hennessy Crafts a Danceworthy Anthem About Personal Resilience and Emotional Liberation in "Sidelines"

Rich Hennessy has released his second single, "Sidelines," from a series of four, continuing to share his deep and personal narratives through music. Based in Nashville and originally from New Jersey, Hennessy is known for his soulful vocals and poignant songwriting. His journey as an artist has been intertwined with his identity as a member of the LGBTQ community, which strongly influences his music and advocacy.

Through the release of "Sidelines", Rich Hennessy brings the ultimate pop anthem for us to enjoy just in time for the Summer. EDM has never felt so good in the indie-pop world. There's a super amount of potential for Rich Hennessy to smash the ball out of the park with this release and I hope to hear more from him in the near future. If his next releases are as hard-hitting as "Sidelines" then we're all in for a real treat.

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"Sidelines" explores the theme of feeling perennially on the outskirts of happiness and success — akin to "always being the bridesmaid, never the bride." This track resonates with anyone who has felt overlooked or undervalued, making it both a personal narrative and a universal sentiment.

Hennessy's dedication to his craft and his community is evident not only in his music but also in his active engagement with social issues, particularly those affecting the LGBTQ community. This commitment is woven throughout his lyrics, which challenge listeners to consider deeper societal issues while enjoying relatable, catchy tunes.

Rich Hennessy's upcoming performances and further releases are highly anticipated, as he continues to make significant strides in the Nashville music scene and beyond, promising to expand his following and impact.

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