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Ricky Leroy Brown's 'LUXURIA' feat. Lucia: A Sensual Seamless Synth-Pop Masterpiece

Ricky Leroy Brown is taking us back to the power tom days. Yep, those 80s hits that we all know and love are still alive and well in the minds of musicians, inspiring them to create such bangers as this: Ricky Leroy Brown’s ‘LUXURIA’ feat. Lucia. This is a single that blends the good from then with the great from now. The high modern vocals and the chill vibe cut through the bells and the pads with delicious ease. The fire in the bellies of the duelling vocalists is allowed to burn bright with passion, nothing stands in their way, a very modern mastering approach. Where the old comes in is through the tones and textures. The waves of synth, the reds and blues. The swish of the drums rather than a modern clack, and those oh-so-important tom rolls. Subtle, prepared, but powerful nonetheless.

‘LUXURIA’ knows its sound and it does everything it can do to stick with it. Ricky Leroy Brown has done a fantastic job reining in the flamboyance of the time to give us something cool, collected, and tight. This is a single that delivers on every level. There’s this funk in the bass, crisp cutting power in the Vox and smooth harmonies in the chorus. As an all-rounder, this song wins hands down. Sensual in the best of ways.



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