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Rising Indie artist Lyse gives us soothing and self-reflecting themes in her new track ‘ocean’.



Tampa, Florida, United States

Lyse talks of important wishes to explore the minds of our loved ones and how seemingly easy life would be if we could completely understand the needs and emotions of other people we care about. The soundscape is rich in flavour and succeeds in radiating calming energy. The subtle beats throughout almost mimicking water droplets pleasantly reflect the title of the song ‘Ocean’. I believe it is lyse’s vocals which do justice to the sombre tone of the song. Her vocals are very delicate, almost like a whisper which delivers the lyricism in quite a therapeutic way. The vast amount of symbolism in ‘Ocean’, referring to many natural landscapes as encompassing the complex human emotion, helps the song to truly resonate with the listener, and encourages them to integrate their own experiences behind the meaning of the lyrics.

Lyse’s desire to connect with people and provide them with a sense of comfort through her music is an ambition she seems to meet with ease. Her unique vocals, and ability to evoke such powerful ideas in her lyrics, make her an unforgettable artist. - AIMEE STOKES


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