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Rogix and HarshR's 'Waiting for You': A Masterful Return to EDM's Core Principles with a Modern Turn

‘Waiting for You’ peels EDM back to its core principles and shows us just why the genre blew up in the first place. Rogix and HarshR have a deep and profound understanding of EDM and its fundamentals and you can feel that in the track. It’s bold, and it flows with grace, but that doesn’t mean it won't swing at you with some heavy beats when it gets the chance. The fire crackles at the start, gets going in the mid, and by the time the build-up is coming it’s already as tall as you could imagine — somehow the chorus takes it higher. ‘Waiting for You’ reminds me of EDM classics brought into the new and faster world of today. It’s punchy, and that’s great.

When verses fall into choruses fall into builds, that’s where you usually see the seams of EDM. Where the joints are made is where the cracks show. But there are no cracks here. The whole single flows from beat to beat, moment to moment, sound to sound with pristine clarity. The song never shudders, never catches on itself, never blunders. It’s a pure and honest EDM track, and it glows. Rogix and HarshR have collaborated on a masterful synthetic work of tone and harmonic melody and it is worth every second of your time. ‘Waiting for You’ will blow you away, and then pull you right on back.



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