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ROKITA Rocks the Scene with Latest Pop-Punk Anthem "She Is"

Unleashing the Energetic Blend of Pop-Punk and Classic Rock in "She Is"

Hailing from Frankenmuth, Michigan, Chris Rokita, known professionally as ROKITA, is a multi-talented songwriter, arranger, producer, recording engineer, sound designer, singer, and visual artist taking multi-talent to new heights, embodying the essence of a versatile and self-made musician. Operating independently under his own label, CARokita Music LLC, he stands out as a non-major label artist with a unique voice in today's music scene.

"She Is" marks Rokita's latest venture. Released on Friday, November 10, 2023, the single has stirred up excitement with its catchy, irresistible melodies, and with good reason too! At its core, "She Is" is a playful exploration of the complexities of understanding women's perspectives, conveyed through Rokita's engaging lyrics and dynamic composition. It's very reminiscent of America's Bowling For Soup's, 00s punk pop fun. A song for everybody, the fun tongue and cheek nature of the track will cause a stir with its catchy strums and guitar solos, along with the tongue and cheeky vocals.

ROKITA 'She Is' Cover Art
ROKITA 'She Is' Cover Art

The song's production, recording, and engineering were meticulously handled by Rokita himself, with mixing by Carlos Villalobos and mastering by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios adding the extra oomph to components to create such a clean finished production.

The song's vibrant energy and relatable capture the spirit of fun and introspection making it a must-listen for fans of pop-punk rock and classic rock alike while offering a fresh take on familiar sounds.

ROKITA's music embodies the essence of classic rock from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, alongside influences from popular metal bands like Iron Maiden and Poison. Through 'She Is', we're given a loose and fun track that many will return to again and again.

Looking ahead, ROKITA's dedication to exploring various genres, instruments, and languages ensures that his future projects will continue to surprise and delight his audience. With "She Is," Rokita has set the bar high for himself and the industry, promising more exciting and innovative music to come. So head over to the link below or the video above to have a little fun!

Genres: Pop-Punk, Rock, Classic Rock

Moods: Uplifting, Fun, Catchy, Electrifying

Promotional image of ROKITA, an American pop-punk rock artist, showcasing their latest digital single "She Is'
Promotional image of ROKITA, an American pop-punk rock artist, showcasing their latest digital single "She Is.

Genres: Pop-Punk, Rock, Classic Rock

Moods: Energetic, Fun, Catchy, Uplifting, Irresistible, Infectious

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