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Smash the Silence: Roland VMH-D1 V-Drums Headphones Make Electric Drumming an Auditory Delight

If you want to be a drummer, it’s a tough slog. First, there’s the space, then there’s the noise. As a drum dabbler, I wish I could bring a drum kit into my space so that I could hop on and practice whenever I felt like it but it’s just never practical. Because of these barriers, many drummers are moving to electric drum kits for home practice. A caveat to this approach is a new problem. How on earth do you listen to your new electric drums? Of course, there are endless options just like everything in the music world. But Roland thinks they’ve got something that will catch your eye with the VMH-D1 V-Drums Headphones.

These headphones are designed with electric drumming in mind. They are suited to at-home play and because of this prioritise clarity, comfort, fun, and ease of use. You want to be able to sit down, whack on some headphones, and play. The fewer hurdles you have to leap over the better. In the box, you get all of the usual creator headphones amenities; a carry bag, removable cables, 1/4 inch jack adapter for plugging into audio receivers. But there are some specific additions here for the drummers amongst us.

You get two cables in the box a comfortable 5ft cable for plugging in close by, and a big old 10ft cable for when you need to reach something across the way. This gives you the flexibility to fit these headphones into your setup right away. You also get a headphone clip that locks onto a cymbal stand or something similar and enables you to store your headphones without laying them on your mesh drum tops. It's these little things that send these headphones over the edge of good and into great as all these additional things could easily sum to £20 pretty fast! When it comes to sound, they sound sharp, with perhaps boosted lows and powerful mids. They’re not flat mastering headphones and they aren’t supposed to be. What they do achieve is making your drumming sound awesome, with plenty of space on the soundstage to let your talent shine. At £159.00 on Andertons and £156.00 on Gear 4 Music these headphones are a great find for any at home drummer.


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