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Roman Candles Ignite Passion with 'Death Follows The Big Moon': A High-Octane Indie Rock Anthem

The pace of indie rock is increasing. Its turbulent mass takes on a range of tones and textures from hair metal all the way to post-90s grunge. Don’t believe me? Check out Roman Candles’ latest release, ‘Death Follows The Big Moon.’ It’s a punchy indie rock track that will follow you all the way into next week, blasting a great melody against every thought and leaving you in rock and roll bliss for days. It’s hearty, it’s full of flare and most importantly the song is played with a passionate and rocking fury.

‘Death Follows The Big Moon’ may have won the best single name of the week. And the name does the track justice. The song is big, poetic, dark at times, and creative in its point of view. The bridge shifts and hammers, the verses drop off and let different instrumental or vocal frills shine, and that chorus blasts it all the way home with layers of harmony and a smashing hook. A truly wonderful song to sink your indie-loving teeth into.



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