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Set Me On Fire

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Do you know what makes a rock track great? When it allows you to lose yourself fully within its various elements and this is exactly what Glasgow band Ruby Nixxons have achieved. - JASMINE

Featuring beautifully formulated guitar riffs which of course includes the signature melt-your-face-off shredding that comes with this genre of music, solidly rhythmic drumbeats including epic solos that will have you rocking out, and vocals with the grit and passion required that will keep your intrigue from the beginning to the end. Combine this with the super simple but catchy lyrics and we have a track on our hands that allows this one to be on par with the greats be that Ozzy Osbourne or Iron Maiden!

This is certainly a powerhouse anthem that has clearly combined all the perfect components to build the most flawless headbanging potion, ready to be played in every rock and club around the world, with no limits on how crazy the crowd could get.

Ruby Nixxons very much knows how to bring to the masses music fit for the hall of fame, with its big energy, and highly electric soundscapes which leaves me excited for what extraordinary work comes next for this epic band.


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