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Ruiz! Drops Captivating New Single 'Love is Blind': A Dance-Pop Fusion That Pushes Boundaries

Love is Blind single cover art

Ruiz! has brought us a single that blends the feelings of dance with the pace of pop. ‘Love is Blind’ takes its two angles of inspiration and connects them at their fault lines. The resulting track is one that tackles rhythm, melody and pacing in a way that feels familiar and yet is captivating to the very end.

The textures on display within the single are new and vivid. The beat catches at the melody and pulls it under. They are entwined, together, one. The vocals splash overtop. They falter and are picked up by the melody. The synthetic tones then blend, amassing one diverse and stalwart tone that runs the length of the track. It’s beat-heavy, full of eclectic synths and catchy melodies. When the dust settles after the chorus you don’t know where to look. The vocal guides you along as the song builds again. This time even larger than the last.

‘Love is Blind’ from Ruiz! pushes feeling, beat and melody. A brilliant and diverse track that deserves your attention.



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