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Rye Catchers' 'Creeping On Me': A Musical Powerhouse Marrying Alt-Pop and Rock in Cyberspace

Rye Catchers are taking a swing at the web in a wide ark of musical brilliance. Their single, ‘Creeping On Me,’ is a full-on battle in cyberspace. The alt-pop foundation is powered up by some heavier rock add-ons. The drums bark at full pelt, the guitars have a godly range and the vocals push through it all with clarity, crystal ambition and a tone to rival the greats. Where this track really shines, however, is in its changes. They are buttery smooth, which is something so rare in the alt-pop/new rock world. The blending of verse into pre-chorus into chorus into bridge. It’s a fantastic display of musical prowess and it does not go unnoticed. Those changes, that swift dip of tone, that’s what makes the song feel so good.

The vocals drive the song through its metamorphosis. We begin in the poppier side of things, by the bridge, we are full-on rocking it. The lights change, the drums dig in, the bass drops and clangs like metal whilst guitars conduct it all. In the back, throughout the track, keys are creating atmosphere. This goes unnoticed on your first listen, they harmonise and blend so wonderfully. When you train your ear to them, you realise they are weaving fine silken magic behind the scenes. ‘Creeping On Me’ is a track that will grab you like an addiction. It’s wonderfully potent and competent. Most of all, it’s a banging quality tune that uses everything it has at its disposal to bring you a single to write home about. The new age is here, and Rye Catchers are ready for it.



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