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S J DENNEY - Wishful Thinking - A TJPL CHRISTMAS

S J Denney is playing with classic holiday sounds and textures in this, his latest single, ‘Wishful Thinking’. It's a Christmas song on the surface, but it goes deeper than that. It's about new beginnings and refreshing yourself, reflecting on what has come and gone and building on those feelings in the year to come. The song makes great use of woodwinds and bells to carry home this message with a festive and upbeat instrumental, that plays so well with the clear and true vocals. The lyrics sing to a melody that is infinitely sway-able, but if you listen close the meaning seeps in and you realise that ‘Wishful Thinking’ is a song for any time of year, it just hits harder at Christmas.

S J Denney starts us off with those horns. It's classic out the gate and it warms you up like eggnog. The horns slide away and the piano takes the lead. It twinkles like fresh snow and sings the melody for the first time. When the vocals land you’re already hooked and in for the long run. It's solemn, yet uplifting.

‘Wishful Thinking’ is a song that yearns for us to grow and live better, and it does so through the medium of a wonderful Christmas song. - FREDDIE MCKEE

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