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#SABRINATRUEHEART - from coffee bars in New Haven to New York




Albany, NY, United States

Credit - AK Photography and Design





Originally from New Haven, Connecticut now New York based artist #SabrinaTrueheart released her first EP last month. Going from coffee bars in New Haven to New York this artist has certainly broadened her horizon's in pursuit of her dreams. As soon as TJPL NEWS got familiar with this artist we HAD TO review her four-track project! #HoldingOntoSomethingGood is something we should all do right? So, let's explore what that means to #SabrinaTrueheart. Opening the album is the title track #HoldingOntoSomethingGood. This quirky track infuses the twangs and vocals of country influence with jolly pop lyrics to create something as equally catchy as it is meaningful. #HoneyBee is a piece that takes you mentally into a green meadow in the Summer! The beautiful crafting of guitar plucks create something intimate, personal and touching. The simplicity of acoustic guitar and vocals allow the listener to truly become a part of this artists' world. This is a lovely piece that occasionally gives the listener a few harmonies in between the simplicity of the track. #SkinnyDipping continues down a road packed with fast and catchy guitar plucks. I like the way that you can hear the guitarist's rawness and when combined with the lyrics and enchanted vocals they work together to create an enchanting fairytale of a production. #SabrinaTrueheart has worked to create something that sounds gorgeous to the listener but when you take the time to really listen, you hear the turmoil in the lyrics of this piece alongside the freedom of the soul. This song speaks of being completely free in a world that can be so dark at times. Closing this EP we're presented with a song named #TwoOfUs. The story told in this piece is so relatable. It's about finding someone who's imperfections match your own. #SabrinaTrueheart has articulated her craft carefully over the last 10 years to become the artist that she is today. Trained in jazz guitar, but leaning towards Americana, Folk and Pop, this guitarist has created a way of storytelling not just through her lyrics but also through her guitar. #SabrinaTrueheart is a true inspiration to those who hold their guitar close to their heart and is a prime example of someone who speaks her truth whether it is related to love or health. This debut EP is something that the artist should hold with pride. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next steps for this artist are. Click the link below to get familiar with her work, get it added to your playlists. This is a truly moving story wrapped up in the most raw and purest of ways.



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