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Without Your Love

Longview Texas, United States

Texas has always been a place that has a rich pot of musical culture - Sage Phoenix is no expectation to that rule. Working alongside producer Jurriaan van Hoffen and recording at The Kitchen Studios, the team have produced a cinematic take on commercial pop -through the release of 'Without Your Love'.

'Without Your Love' captures a snapshot in time, through its lyrics of reflective consciousness. Describing the loss of a first love, Phoenix has established a song that nearly everyone can relate to. Laying her heart out bare, Phoenix has found the balance between expressing her own story and leaving enough room for listeners to make their own attachments to the lyrics.

The opening acoustic piano is juxtaposed with its own nature of cinematic darkness and warmth within its notes. The feel of the instrumental is similar to the sound of Sia - the master of dark pop! The simplicity of the instrumentation is what makes the lyrical content stand out so much.

Listeners are able to feel the pure emotion behind the lyrics. Trap beats, a heartbeat, keys are the blood and the vocals are the soul. What a beautifully dark and emotional performance from Sage Phoenix. - TAMARA JENNA


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