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Sahara CyberStars: Light and Dark Coalesce in "Light Shines into a Space"

: Dave and Trish Long, the faces behind Sahara CyberStars, illuminated by a spotlight.
: Dave and Trish Long, the faces behind Sahara CyberStars
An Odyssey of Melodic Resilience and Emotional Fortitude

Sahara CyberStars, the celebrated duo comprised of Dave Long and Trish Long, have been musical explorers ever since they met on the Dublin music scene. They have now set roots in Australia, commanding attention across various media platforms while remaining steadfastly eclectic and original. Their latest single, "Light Shines into a Space," is a contemplative dive into the dichotomy between light and darkness, love and despair.

A Journey Across Two Continents

Before capturing Australia's music landscape, Dave and Trish started their journey in Dublin, Ireland. Over the years, they've accumulated an impressive discography, including six albums and six singles. Their instrumentals are a rich tapestry; Trish helms vocals, wind instruments, and synth, while Dave brings his resonant lead vocals accompanied by both electric and acoustic guitars and keyboards.

The Profundity Behind "Light Shines into a Space"

Released on June 21, 2023, this single doesn't shy away from delving into the darker facets of life we've recently seen worldwide. It speaks of love as a beacon in the gloom, the power of dreams, and the indomitable strength of the human spirit. Its deep resonance lies in its timing, a period when, as they aptly put it, "darkness has cast a shadow in places where light is desperately trying to shine."

Dave and Trish Long, the faces behind Sahara CyberStars, illuminated by a spotlight.
Sahara CyberStars Cover Art

The Melodic Spectrum

With a diverse instrumentation that spans from flutes to electric guitars, the single is a melodic feast. The fusion of alternative, folk, and rock lends the track an indefinable charm. As critics have pointed out, it’s an over-the-top yet grounded composition, rich but not ostentatious. It's like a painting where every brushstroke matters, yet the sum is even more astounding than its parts.

Captivating Reviews

While RGM Magazine called their music "gloriously over-the-top," A&R Factory described their sound as "celestially scintillating experimentalism, which bends genres with the grace of an Olympian contortionist." These reviews affirm the duo’s mastery in walking the fine line between layered complexity and emotional simplicity.

The Power of Lyrics

Lyrically, the song might remind you of bands like Muse, but Sahara CyberStars remain authentic to their own narrative. The lyrics echo resilience and the battle against adversities, making "Light Shines into a Space" more than just a song—it's a powerful testament of endurance and hope.


"Light Shines into a Space" is not just a new chapter in Sahara CyberStars’ musical voyage; it is an invitation for everyone to find their own light. It is the embodiment of the idea that even in the most confining darkness, there is a sliver of light, if one chooses to see it.


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