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SAIL CASSADY - Hiding In Vancouver


Hiding In Vancouver

Victoria, Canada

Credit - Sergio

Smooth blues is a surefire way to get your day off to a great start. It’s warm, tonal, full of surprises, and even the mellow songs whack a smile on your face. As such I’m beaming, as a result of listening to Sail Cassidy’s latest single, ‘Hiding In Vancouver.’ It's jazzy, full of soul and warm to the touch. The big band sound swells like a flock of birds in the spring. The melody rises and falls, breath elated, while the vocal walks down main; hands in pockets, biting its lip as it hums along to the traffic. ‘Hiding In Vancouver’ is a track that melts in the mouth, presented to you by the king of smooth himself, Sail Cassidy.

A single blues song can make you dance for a while. A great, truly great, blues song, will change you. Brighten your day, shift your angle — have you dancing for the rest of your life. You have Sail Cassidy to thank for that.



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