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Indianapolis, United States

Saint Aubin’s sound is powerful, bright and full of tonal angst. His single, ‘Tomorrow’ hones in this delicious Neo-rock sound with smashing percussion and gritty guitars. The vocals feel like Posty, smashing some weights and singing from the gut. It's not a scream, it is just straight power, the vocal doesn’t break apart, wash away or fall behind the instrumental melody. It is the flag bearer, it takes its mark at the front of the march and stays there eternally. It is melodic, simple and rocking. ‘Tomorrow’ feels like the 00s came back from the dead and nailed it first try.

The song begins suddenly. The vocals recant the chorus melody, there’s a synth, rolling in the back, some hi-hats chitter on the brink. It's atmospheric and it builds bars of pressure, the turning point comes soon, brought forth by an explosion of guitar and cymbals. The verse is loud and spacey, it fills the gaps with a hollow synth in the back and supports that huge vocal with an ethereal presence. When the chorus hits for the second time you vibe with it, you can’t not. It's intoxicating and freeing, good music, great rock. Saint Aubin’s ‘Tomorrow’ is everything it needs to be, modern punk rock pop with spearheading vocals. Spectacular.

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