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As much as the Christmas season excites me, there's always an Ebenezer Scrooge/The Grinch side to me that wants to reject it. Sam Mulligan's 'Snowball Season' marks the first Christmas song I have decided to write about this Winter. Why? "Snowball Season" is a song that literally is all about throwing snowballs. Doing so to the point of obsession and the probable alienation from one's community that is likely to occur during the process. The song rests on a grungey mix of alternative art rock and twee. Packed with slapback delays and a seriously fun vibe!

What first caught my attention about 'Snowball Season' was how seriously catchy the twee sounds are! Upon clicking play on this track you will immediately feel as though you have been pulled into a 90s Pokemon Gameboy Game. For a second I became Ash Ketchum walking through the grass in search of a... Snowball? In the middle of South Park.

As the track develops you'll find yourself immersed in the not so serious lyrics and their resemblance to the humour of bands such as Weird Al Yankovic and Weezer.

When rock meets twee I will forever now think of Sam Mulligan! - TAMARA JENNA

This one is definitely worth the spin if you are looking for something completely fun with a hint of festivity!


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