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SAMBOX - Road Trip


Road Trip


Credit - Greg Brave

‘Road Trip’ from Sambox came out of left field, shocked and awed for 5 full minutes and was gone in a flash. An instrumental song that plays with atmosphere and texture is always a welcome addition to my music library. Sambox is something else, something wildly new. The use of percussion and its blending with various plucked instrumentals is hypnotic. The sparse vocal chanting drags your soul out of your body, only for it to be caught in the web of drones that scatter about overhead. It's a single that moves you. Its warm beating bass and its piano frills keep you awake, but you are no longer sure where.

‘Road Trip’ was exactly that, a trip. It starts at A and ends up at Z, a full journey in a song. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself! Take a load off, sit back and do nothing but get lost in the sound. When the magic hits, you’ll know. Fantastically whimsical.



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