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Feel Love

Galway, Ireland

Credit - EL Putnam

Sano Hill is a guitar-centric rock artist with belting vocals that will soothe you right to your core. Their latest release, ‘Feel Love’ is a tight-knit sonic blend of cashmere blues and bass lines with a hook covering a vocal performance that needs to be heard. The instrumental does well to keep up with the tones on offer in the vox, they hit the melody from every possible angle all the while keeping lyrics understandable. And what lyrics they are, holding their own in a song that pushes itself to its limits. They don’t get lost in random metaphors nor are they too personal to sing out loud. Sano Hill belts them with passion and you will too when the chorus comes around.

The song starts with a funky/bluesy intro, the drums keep it together as the bass dips and dives to the beat. The guitar is spacey and scraps of melody creep in from the lead. An organ adds that Springsteen sauce for the vocals to soak up once they burst through the stage doors with an almighty tone and personality. The song ebbs and flows with the lyrics, crashing into the chorus that leaves space for San Hill to hit those notes and keep the song chugging along.

‘Feel Love’ is pure rock, with hints of Petty, Purple and The Boss. I’ll take it to go, and make it my usual. What a track. What a voice. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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