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SARANTOS - Something To Believe In - LATEST RELEASE


Something To Believe In

Chicago, United States

When you are feeling down and out, sometimes you need a helping hand. Rock music can be a way to vent frustrations and feel connected to those with similar struggles. But there is another direction that music can take you in. Sarantos Melogia’s latest single, ‘Somethin’ to Believe In’ is an uplifting song about helping those around you through tough times and being there for them through thick and thin. It's a nice and loving shift for rock music, to take such a positive approach to those downtrodden times in our lives. It's all too easy to get loud and scream about it but here, in ‘Somethin’ to Believe In’, Sarantos Melogia takes to swooning soft chords, big splashing drums, a melody that sways in the wind and a vocal that is crisp, clear and uplifting. The track comes together to form a sound that is harmonic and heartwarming. A pat on the back and a shoulder to cry on, all in one single. Sublime.


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