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A Journey Through Resilience: Satellite Train's 'Cry' Weaves Melancholy into Melody

Satellite Train Front Man Performing Live
Satellite Train Front Man Performing Live

Unveiling the Soul of 'The Melbourne Sessions' – Satellite Train's Poignant Prelude to Their Debut Album

Satellite Train's latest release "Cry" is a song with pure lyrical depth and extraordinary storytelling ability. It's a piece that turns music into a companion in the loneliest of times. In other words, "Cry" acts like a cuddle from a family pet on a particularly bad day. Released as a prelude to their debut opus "The Melbourne Sessions", "Cry" is an evocative narrative spun from the threads of resilience. Strong and powerful.

As I listened to the opening bars I thought that the tone was set early on. The scene is vivid as a soundscape is painted with alt-country, tinges of indie pop, rhythms of classic rock, and sprinkles of magical guitar riffs. But it’s not just the genres that meld so seamlessly here, rather it is also the raw emotion of each band member's contributions to the piece.

A story is told through the lyrics. They're a child's silent plea in the void left by absent guardians, and a testament to the strength found in the echoes of solitude. It's not quite a fairytale, but rather a tale that, despite its specificity, resonates universally.

Satellite Train band members performing live
Credit: GlenX Photography (Michael Paynter performing live with Icehouse)

"Cry" captures the spontaneity of its creation. Did I mention that it's the product of a Melbourne weekend that saw musicians forsaking prior rehearsals in favour of instinctual performance? The choice for spontaneity over perfection tilts the track closer to heartfelt authenticity; It's music in its most unadulterated form, complete with the beautiful blemishes of human creation. Raw and Real.

Where would we be without the full band? Shane O’Mara’s guitar work stands as the narrative's backbone. This finds itself complemented by the magical sprinkles of John McAll on keys. Let's not forget to mention, Bassist Pasquale Monea and drummer John Watson who provide the heartbeat, alongside as Michael Painter’s vocal delivery is the soul laid bare—honest, raw, and relatable.

To conclude, my final thoughts are this. In "Cry," Satellite Train has offered a window into the soulful core of their project"The Melbourne Sessions". "Cry" is a song that speaks of the human spirit's unyielding strength, even in the face of abandonment and solitude. With its storytelling and vocal earnestness, "Cry" holds the anticipation-building beacon for the album... and if this release is any indication of what's to come, then, "The Melbourne Sessions" is poised to be a milestone in the indie music narrative.

Genre: Alt-Country, Indie, Pop, Rock, Classic Rock, Rock Pop, AOR

Mood: Heartfelt, Soulful, Reflective, Nostalgic, Authentic, Poignant, Resilient, Emotive

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