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Seßler/Zeeb's 'Wenn': A Retro Rock Fusion You Can't Resist

‘Wenn’ is a song from German rockers, Seßler/Zeeb, that rounds up all of the sounds you know and love from classic rock, funk 70s bands and 80s pop. Once Seßler/Zeeb have all those sounds, they get to work creating a melodic song that builds on the foundation of funk rhythms. The rock comes through in the textures; guitars and organs line the walls. 80s pop bounces up here and there. Duran Duran vibes sparkle throughout. There is a flare, a sense of style in the song. One that harkens back to feathered hair and sequin jackets. Verses push, choruses pull — and the bridge will blow your mind.

Seßler/Zeeb have fashioned many songs with the knowledge of the greats. ‘Wenn’ is one of those songs. You can feel royal blood in its veins. You can taste the influence and it comes through in the best of ways. It’s a song that gets stuck in your head, not because it’s catchy necessarily, but because it deserves to be there.



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