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Lovers In The Streets

Bergen, Norway

Credit - Troll Toftenes

Indie pop band Secret treehouse has blessed us all with another release. Hailing from Norway this epic five-piece has released something to leave us all ready to dance around the room.

From the beginning of the track, we are introduced to a super catchy guitar riff, that soon becomes familiar as the track continues, and a simple but effective drumbeat, that has you bopping before we can even acknowledge our body movements. Something amazing with this track ‘Lovers In The Streets’ is the use of keys, the organ-style synths provide this track with an almost dark dance feel and the build-ups created with this sound are intense.

Then, in come the dreamy vocals. It seems to be that within this track the lyrics and vocals are not the main focus, however, it is very important to note that their presence makes this track eerily beautiful. They vary throughout the track bouncing between a commonly understood pop-punk feel and an angelic almost ballad feel but their delivery certainly leaves you wanting to hear every uttered lyric.

The arrangement of this track is just a chef’s kiss as is the production. Not a single element of this piece has been missed or ignored, resulting in a track that works in perfect harmony! - JASMINE

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