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SEPH Unveils 'Secrets Taste Like You': A New Dawn in His Musical Odyssey

SEPH, with intense eyes

From the pulsing beats of 90s pop to the evocative nuances of contemporary icons like Allie X, MARINA, Tove Lo, and Years & Years, Joseph Majka's journey through music is one steeped in evolution. Known by his stage name, SEPH, this Columbus, Ohio native weaves a sonic tapestry rich in both melody and meaning.

SEPH's initial foray into the music world, "Afterglow," saw him and his twin serenading audiences with tracks like "No Serenity" and "Rainbow." Performing as 'Twinzsz,' the duo left an indelible mark on the stage, illuminating the landscape of their music years between 2016 and 2017. Yet, as threads of individuality began to intertwine with his collaborative efforts, SEPH realized that his true calling lay in carving a solo niche.

A songwriter since the tender age of 13, SEPH's passion for music crescendoed during his college years, leading him to a dedicated study of music recording and audio production at the Recording Workshop in 2018. Here, SEPH fine-tuned not just his technical skills but honed his innate ability to discern the precise synth that could resonate with his artistic vision. His debut, "Electric Expressions," released on September 17, 2021, encapsulated this journey. With hits like "Out of My Head," "Static Crush," and "Euphoria," SEPH offered listeners a cathartic experience. As he aptly puts it, “Creating music is a therapeutic process. It's akin to painting – you start with a vision, navigate the chaos, and eventually birth something undeniably beautiful."

The horizon now beckons with "Secrets Taste Like You," the tantalizing lead single from SEPH's anticipated sophomore album slated for a 2024 release. Venturing deeper into the realm of emotion, SEPH promises an exploration filled with intensity and fervor.

With a suite of songs earmarked for 2023, he stands poised to delve into a heartfelt narrative underscored by his inimitable production and lyricism. Speaking on his upcoming collection, SEPH shares, "This album chronicles a transformative journey. It embodies the heartbreak of giving endlessly to someone incapable of reciprocation. Emerging from this emotional maelstrom, I've crafted a work of art that I'm ecstatic to share. It's not just the light at the end of a tumultuous tunnel but a new dawn of musical revelation."

In "Secrets Taste Like You" and the tracks that will follow, audiences can anticipate not just songs but stories – tales of love, loss, rebirth, and the relentless pursuit of self-identity. For SEPH, music isn't just a passion – it's a profound testament to life itself.



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