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Out Of Town

Denver, United States

Credit - Andres Kalegiro

‘Out Of Town’, the new single from Shady Oaks is a punch in the gut in the best way possible. The song is hearty, funky, fast and fun all the while being musically vibrant. ‘Out Of Town’ feels like a mix of punk, grunge, pop rock and soul wrapped up tight into one rolling barrel of sound. The vocals are paired, a higher and a lower, each taking turns reigning in the melody. With high harmonies during the chorus and conversational mid-tones in the verse, the song feels solid and definitively awesome.

The opening to the song is crispy and small in the best of ways, it feels homely like a garage rock band from the 90s. The drums open us up with the punk guitar melody chugging along behind it. The bass piles in to thicken the soup and the vocals act as a perfect starter for that main course of a chorus. The song goes halftime and cymbals splash around us, the vocals jump up from their seats and dance in the air in a many-part harmony which shines amongst the guitar and bass.

Shady Oaks has shown us what a wild blend of grunge, pop and rock they can deliver. Here’s praying that there’s more to come. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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