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New York, United States

Gold’ by Shanay Morant feat. RussGreezy is an R&B track that bleeds into soul and contemporary rap. It’s music of the rhythm, a wonder of the beat. ‘Gold’ exudes majesty from the moment it comes off until the very second it finishes. The instrumental is bold, full of colour and great vibes. Classic synth rules the day, paired with modern beats and textures that push ‘Gold’ into the new age. The vocals are suave, catching you off balance and righting you in an instant. They switch from Shanay Morant’s smooth melodic tones to RussGreezy’s sharp rhythmic stylings to create this clashing of sounds, a hurricane of vocal talent.

Shanay Morant is making big waves taking solid R&B textures, turning them on their heads, dropping in modern pop tones and setting the volume to 11. It is soul with attitude and a mission. If Shanay Morant doesn’t blow up and make it big, then I’ll eat my hat.



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