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Point Pleasant, United States

Credit - Bailey Anne Card

Shannon Hawley returns with a single that will not only knock your socks off but send them scattering across the globe, caught in an astounding musical hurricane, fuelled by powerful vocals and captivating chords. Not enough to grab your interest? Well, you’re missing out, because ‘MERCY’ is a single to be reckoned with. From start to finish the sounds are sublime. Tonal and harmonic, each instrument slots perfectly in place with the rest. The vocals are loud, proud and confident, hitting some tremendous harmonies and powerful sustained notes heading into the chorus. It’s hair-rousingly good. But Shannon Hawley’s vocals are one part of a pair. The two vocals entwine to create a texture, unmatched in the new pop space.

‘MERCY’ is a ballad, but not of weakness. It feels to me like saying goodbye to a former self, knowing that to grow, you have to leave aspects of the old you behind. And that’s okay. To yourself and others show mercy. It is what makes us human, after all. Inspiring.



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