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London, United Kingdom

Funk has its ways. It wiggles its way into all genres one way or another. Some bands feel it coming on and turn to it, lean on it, and the resulting track is a magical phenomenon. Such a phenomenon occurred with the latest single from SickRichard, ‘Chickens.’ It's indie rock at the bass. Loud and proud it plays the beat. The drums smack skins while guitars and bass whittle away on a catchy riff, but it's funky and it's oh-so-smooth. The lyrics take the hint, they drop in with a groove, still rocking, but now with some swing. When the chorus hits it explodes with purples and greens, an impact of funk against the immovable walls of indie rock.

SickRichard have found their sound and it's a belter. SickRichard have staying power, but it's heavier, it's darker. This is no sunshine picnic, this is a battle, for the glory of rock. ‘Chickens’ they ain’t! This sound is brave as a lion, wild as a wombat and as musical as a bird of paradise. Astounding.



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