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I'm Not Ok

Brixton, United Kingdom

Credit - Cory Marsh

Making an immediate addition to our Ones2Watch! this week is the latest release from Brixton-based 'Silas Armstrong' with his latest release 'I'm Not Ok'. There is so much to talk about here - so, let's start with the lyrical content. Depression is not just a feeling, it's an illness, a disability and a curse, but sometimes, amongst the cycles of intense pain and suffering, there's something that can be learned and used to our advantage. Silas Armstrong is a prime example of how our own demons can be used as an outlet as well as a healer for the self and others. Through 'I'm Not Ok' the artist has voiced his pain both through his lyrical content and in the instrumentation that accompanies him throughout his production.

The song transitions into jolly instrumentation along with soulful backing vocals marking an intense transition between pop and heavy rock to highlight joy and sorrow, happiness and pain, and so on. The ever-changing nature of the mind within depressive episodes has been articulated flawlessly as the song eerily travels between happy-go-lucky and painstaking demonic.

Upon listening to the progression of the piece, I was reminded of the powerful modern-day legends, 'Muse' due to the familiarity of this song with the alternative electro-rock track entitled 'Time is running out'. Similarly, the use of melodic vocal layers adds more depth to emphasise the essence of the artists' experiences with depression.

'I'm Not Ok' is a song that I urge everyone to listen to whether you are interested in lyricism, mental health, musical fusion, rock or pop as there is 100% something that everybody can learn from here. - TAMARA JENNA

Why not check out the video too?


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