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SILKTAPE - Sink Or Swim


Sink Or Swim

Brighton, United Kingdom

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Progressive alternative indie mixed with a touch of grunge. That’s the flavour of silktape’s latest single, ‘Sink Or Swim.’ It's punchy, tonal and full of discordant guitar tones. They scratch at the black of silence, drawing colour with their bite. The vocals come out of the gloom, clean and ready for battle. They jump, shout, and harmonise, creating layer upon layer of dutiful post-punk sounds. The melody and feel are modern, it's indie rock for a new age. The difference here is silktape have decided to add a heavier flavour to their rock that sets ‘Sink Or Swim’ apart from the crowd. It's tasty, well-played, and a hell of a tune to rock out to.

‘Sink Or Swim’ rides that Turnstile line. It dips into heavy, plays with pop sounds, but at the end of it all comes up rock. It's great rock, different rock. Inventive and smooth. silktape are bringing a massive sound into the scene. You’re going to want to check it out.



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