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Simon Andersson Stuns with 'Try': A Seamless Fusion of Modern Pop and Heavier Styles

Simon Andersson has found a sound that feels so familiar but sounds completely new. His latest single, ‘Try,’ blends the modern pop ideal together with textures from heavier stylings of pop and rock. You’ll get what I mean as soon as you listen to it, it is a mesmerising sound. Amazingly, the pop shines through the heavier textures, they don’t weigh down the track, if anything they are so transformed that they add to the lift. It all comes together in the chorus. The beat is present, flowing with gusto and guile. The synths join the bass, the understudy of that beautifully crunchy waah guitar tone. Once the dust settles and you are in the verse again, the world no longer looks the same. It is painted gold, there is a positive haze — it is a new day.

‘Try’ never fails to amaze you. Every turn hides a new sound, every drop leads to somewhere exciting. Simon Andersson is doing what he has always done, he’s making waves. Now he is making them with the skill and contempt of a seasoned pro and it shows in his music. This single is a triumph of musical imagination and skill. To take such a fluid idea and perform it to this level shows a true grasp of the fundamentals of tone. A wonderful performance and a wonderful sound. It seems Simon Andersson can’t ever do wrong.


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