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Golden Hinde

Maine, United States

Simon Linsteadt’s new single ‘Golden Hinde’ won’t fail to soothe your mind, his melodies are executed in the most beautiful and soulful way. Simon truly has a gift for entrancing people through musical choices. The song is part of his upcoming album ‘Mud Season’ and a brilliant choice to show people what to expect from the album. We see Simon’s ability to transform historical events into a moving listen and give off peaceful imagery with such ease.

The song intertwines themes of country and stripped-back acoustics which help deliver his message well. Touching upon a sea voyage in the 16th century, his musical choices are clearly a reflection on the mysticism in adventure, a wonder into new environments and feelings of optimism.

The musicality also gives us imagery of different cultures and moods. The underlying guitar riffs gave the song a country twinge, and the addition of the bagpipes gave it a rural and homely feelings. The ending I particularly enjoyed, mimicking a steam engine setting off on their voyage. It is these little details in the music choices which makes this an entrancing listen.

‘Golden Hinde’ is the latest addition to my playlist!


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