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If Only

Tarragindi, Australia

Australian rising star #BENKONAROV has been working hard to bring us his collection of tracks. His latest single entitled #FuckedUpWorld was recently released but our focus is here is on one of his previous singles named #IfOnly. To create this track he has been working alongside a team of talent including Gary Cubberley (Composer and Producer), Chique Sabonsolin (Vocalist) and his band Songbayteam. #IfOnly was released back in April. It opens with a beautifully crafted acoustic piano that echos within the space of the track to create a layered melody. The vocals by Chique Sabonsolin are nothing less than outstanding - you should definitely check her out too! Her tone is angelic, like a more soulful Gabrielle Aplin. The lyrics, which were written by #BENKONAROV make this piece as impactful as it is and when combined with the other talents within this piece we're given an emotive and relatable piece of art in #IfOnly.


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