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SLDGHRAM 1ER's 'Le Marteau et L'Enclume': A Mesmerizing Blend of Techno and Industrial Soundscapes"

Album cover of 'Le Marteau et L'Enclume' by SLDGHRAM 1ER, showcasing a monochromatic, abstract design that captures the essence of techno and industrial music.
Album cover of 'Le Marteau et L'Enclume' by SLDGHRAM 1ER
Exploring the Depths of Human Connections through an Innovative Mix of Hardcore, Classical, and Ambient Tones

SLDGHRAM 1er, the sole architect behind 'Le Marteau et L'Enclume', is a visionary in the world of electronic music. As a one-man show, he commands an impressive array of synthesizers and sampled instruments to create his unique soundscapes. This project, which germinated in 1999 following a Roland groovebox purchase and a documentary on techno music, intertwines hardcore/gabber, classical, and ambient influences, illustrating SLDGHRAM 1er’s eclectic taste and creativity.

The album was meticulously crafted in collaboration with Nicolas Dufournet at Melodium Studio, located near Paris. This partnership, a continuation of previous successful collaborations, played a pivotal role in shaping the album's sonic identity during the summer of 2021.

Concerning concept and themes 'Le Marteau et L'Enclume' delves deep into the complexities of human relationships and self-reflection. It’s a narrative journey that shines brightest when experienced in its entirety, although each track stands solidly on its own. The album's overarching theme is the struggle and beauty of creating, maintaining, and mourning human connections, all while navigating personal growth and challenges.

Opening with 'Battre l'enfer tant qu'il est chaud', listeners can expect a suspenseful and cinematic ride through the uneasy before being thrown head first into a race of percussion and synth bass. This wasn't something I was expecting, but it was thoroughly enjoyable to mindfully analyse. Some pieces are completely industrial and there are elements of complete mania here.

'Tous, tels les traces de pas dans le sable après la tempête' begins similarly, edgy, growing deeper and deeper within the abyss. It doesn't take long to build upon its foundations with the drumming and synth bass joining in pretty swiftly. Bubbles of twee mimic an urgent retro video game whilst the drumming sounds like a war is brewing.

Promo Shot: SLDGHRAM 1ER, showcasing a monochromatic, abstract design that captures the essence of techno and industrial music.
Promo Shot: SLDGHRAM 1ER

'The underwater heartmachine' sounds like the interference of electric transmission through the sea. It's dark, it's cold. It vibrates but it's distant...Until... a marching of drums and the chimes of a windswept heirloom confuse the mission. The drumming gets more cacophonous, there's something dangerous looming. But it's not the end. ]

'Faire sang blanc' sounds like a trinket jewellery box. I can almost see the concentration, the attention and the curiosity of the onlooker. Something is watching in the distance, an energy. It's dark and cold but it isn't ready to show its face yet so it lingers in the background. There's more, a muddle between the realms of good and evil, the pure and the tainted where the listener becomes subject to its tug of war. The story ends there, with no answer to questions pondered.

'SlaughterPeace', is loud, messy, cold and tiny like a coin dropped in an aluminium container. There's plenty of room for yourself but also for your thoughts. They get louder, they breed, they scream and your heartbeat is drumming out of your chest. There's light but can it be reached? There's danger ahead again, you find water, and you swim but only for a split moment. Have you almost escaped? You're free, out of danger only to find yourself at war with the peace.

'Méduse et son rapport compliqué aux miroirs', a dominant kick, a rhythm, a pulse. Ambient soundscapes join but they're not in their natural soundscape. Nature meets futurism. You're on the hunt but what for?

'Mourir de fin' takes us back into the dark and cold industrial soundscape. Full of dark tunnels, livewires are cut, and you walk deeper, deeper and deeper not knowing what you will find. With the occasional echo of a footstep in a puddle of water, you wait for a POP - the reaction of an open livewire meeting water. You try to work the electrics, they're water damaged, and transmission is down. Nobody knows you're there but you keep trying the keypad. It's your only hope.

The album's title track, 'Le Marteau et L'Enclume' closes with a bang. Full of suspense and darkness. It's more urgent than any other piece before it. Capturing the project's essence, in one fell swoop, this climax is a cold yet witty approach to life's darker moments.

Overall, SLDGHRAM 1er’s 'Le Marteau et L'Enclume' is an enthralling blend of techno and noise/industrial genres, with undercurrents of ambient melodies. The mood oscillates between cold industrial soundscapes and moments of serene ambience, mirroring the thematic contrasts within the album.

So, what's the verdict? This is a project for fans of techno, noise/industrial, and ambient music. If that's what you're looking for then 'Le Marteau et L'Enclume' offers a compelling listen. Its unique blend of genres, coupled with its thematic depth, makes it a standout album in the contemporary electronic music scene. It tells a story without words and paints vivid imagery within the mind of the listener making it a standout project for cinematic projects. Absolute genius, this album is a playground for overthinkers like me!

Genres: Techno, Noise/Industrial, Ambient Mood: Reflective, Witty, Somber, Innovative

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