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Sleepy Loco's "Life Freestyle": A Captivating Glimpse into the Artist's World and Future

Memphis-based rapper Sleepy Loco has unleashed his latest track “Life Freestyle” along with an accompanying music video. Who doesn’t love a good visual?!

Perfect for your workout playlists, this trap track comes in strong with 808s, hi-hats, and trap loops lurking in the background. The flow is speedy all the way through with nothing but one break in between the energy.

The video is a journey in itself. It flashes, it blurs, and it intrigues. Ending with a message of repercussions, “Life Freestyle” gives us a sneak peek into the ongoings of Sleepy Loco’s life with hints of what’s to come next.

This speedy, fierce performance will induce your inner warrior, so, unleash that in your next workout session with help from Sleepy Loco.

I’m looking forward to hearing what is to come next, are you? Have a listen and let us know.



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