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SLOPPY JOE'S - Get In The Ring


Get In The Ring

Hamburg, Germany

If you want to start your day off right with some heavy rock that punches like metal but dips and dives like funk rock, then do I have a single for you: Sloppy Joe’s, ‘Get In The Ring.’ It's a lead-based rock track that drives the melody from start to finish. It's massive in its soundstage, with bass and guitars chugging along to a beat that catches on the vocal and swings an infectious beat. You hear a wave of power rising, filling your headphones or your speakers to the brink, then suddenly … ‘GET IN THE RING!’ blares from the track, it's power hungry and you know it came to win.

‘Get In The Ring’ features rock sounds that would be at home in metal but are far more fun in the hands of the Sloppy Joe’s. The bass, the solos, the vocals that dance atop and the hook that follows a jab and is succeeded by an uppercut. A blistering rock song to play at max volume.



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