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SOLARI - Everyone Is Your Friend - LATEST RELEASE


Everyone Is Your Friend

New York, United States

SOLARI is a New York synth-packed pop duo consisting of David Baron and Renée Hikari. If the name David Baron rings a bell, you’d be correct. David Baron is a renowned producer/composer who features on 26 platinum records (inc albums by Lenny Kravitz and The Lumineers). As for Renée Hikari, this drummer and beatmaker is a talent in her own right too – one who has worked with Baron on various past projects. Together, they have released a dreamy collection of sounds that compile to make their latest release ‘Everyone Is Your Friend’.

A perfect mix of 80s synth pop stirs around the soundscape with the crisp mixing techniques of modern pop. The song contains harmonies between Baron and Hikari that work together to float around the mix effortlessly. A hypnotic continuum of dream pop will grasp the attention of listeners with its bubble bassline and consistent drumming. It’s an airy song with all the ingredients for your lo-fi and bedtime playlists. If you are looking for a calming song that will relax your moon then ‘Everyone Is Your Friend’ certainly is the friend you’ve been waiting for.



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