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Legendary New York producer David Baron, known for his work with Lenny Kravitz, Lana Del Rey, and The Lumineers, partners with drummer and beat programmer Renée Hikari to form SOLARI. Their latest single, "Hard Town," is a dystopian anthem based on a fictional futuristic city and inspired by the rhythm of urban life.

The main character, Solari, is stuck in a ceaseless cycle of commuting and working, never seeing natural light. Her life resembles a rat maze from which she cannot escape, making her feel trapped in the so-called Hard Town.

Infused with a 1980s production style, "Hard Town" showcases a Linn Drum machine and synthesizer stabs from a Roland Jupiter 4, providing a constant beat that mirrors the pulse of the city. Vocals are tightly doubled between Renée and David, creating a human/robot feeling that encapsulates the reality of living in a sprawling metropolis.

"Hard Town" is designed to feel like being on an urban treadmill, emphasizing the love/hate relationship many of us have with city living. The song has a nostalgic yet futuristic vibe that will make listeners want to hit repeat.

The music video for the song was shot on location in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and features Renée Hikari, Kim Xrossing, Duck Jordan, William Pearson, and Bruno Saveedra. Margot Bennett directed and produced the video, capturing a storyline of Solari's daily life and escapism into the unknown.

“'Hard Town' is extremely evocative. Its dystopian nature, paired with human experiences of hope and wonderment, reflect the current state of the world. I think most people will connect with the nervousness about where we're headed and where we are now, but also the theme of joy and hope,” says Bennett. Watch the music video here:

SOLARI explores life experiences through cinematic compositions, using only vintage analog synthesizers and processing gear. With influences from the East and West, SOLARI's songs ponder real-life feelings triggered by self-discovery, chaos, and nostalgic innocence, flowing like a short film.

David Baron has been featured on 25 platinum records, including six Lenny Kravitz albums and Bat For Lashes 'The Bride,' which he produced, mixed, and played synths on.

Renée Hikari brings her drumming and beat programming skills, adding a distinct flavor to the mix. The duo writes, produces, and lends vocals to all SOLARI tracks, creating a unique sound and atmosphere.

Listen to "Hard Town" and let SOLARI take you on a journey through the urban jungle. For more information about SOLARI and their music, visit:



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