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SOMBERTRAP - The Aftermath


The Aftermath

Halmstad, Sweden

Sombertrap is making a name for themselves as an artist who moulds intimate shapes with your very soul in 3 minutes or less. This, their latest single, ‘The Aftermath,’ fashions profound proximities between you and the melodies through the sheer heat that cascades over you like shallow breaths. It's intoxicating the way that Sombertrap aligns themselves with you through music. The tones on this track take after slow jazz, there’s deep double bass and high brushed drums that collide mid-air with placid piano, sending sparks flying in gilded arcs across the sound space. It's slow, it's moving and it's sensual. It grabs you by your memories and pleads you relive them and you do, with utmost clarity.

Sombertrap’s ‘The Aftermath’ belongs in movies, dark swanky movies that follow a protagonist that smokes a red apple as they splash down dark alleys, muttering to themselves about the state of the world. Ending with a light chuckle. My only criticism of ‘The Aftermath’ is that it should be 10 minutes long. One minute thirty is such a tease!



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