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Los Angeles, CA, United States

Songs for Sabotage are taking a dark synth dive with their cover of Chromatics, ‘Shadow’. The song is dark, deep and spacey something that Songs for Sabotage have showcased in their originals before, but never to the minimal extreme of Chromatics. Hearing how they dealt with that lack of sound was extremely interesting and I have to say they nailed it. The spacey sections are broken up with open guitar and chiming vocal melodies that ricochet off of one another and bring the whole sound up a notch. We don’t lose any of the Songs for Sabotage sound, it's still tight, bright and rocking.

Here’s how you can tell if a cover has been done right (spoiler, Songs for Sabotage nailed it). At first, you’ll question whether it's a cover at all because so much of the band's personality will have spilled over into the track that it is changed fundamentally. Once you then recognise the track you’ll be able to pick out the changes and shifts that the new band have made and after all is said and done, they end up feeling like two completely different songs. The ‘Shadow’ that Songs for Sabotage have given us houses a lot more sound. It's bigger, it’s rounder and it’s more human to me. I like the original, but boy do I love the cover.

If you enjoyed the tone and angst that Songs for Sabotage displayed here, don’t stop listening! Their original discography is big and ever-expanding, so what are you waiting for!

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