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Sorrowful Beauty Meets Indie Rock: 'The Creek' by Wilhelm - A Harmonious Blend of New Wave Shoegaze

The Creek’ from Wilhelm is a beautiful indie rock song that is glazed with sorrow and wonderful ideas. The acoustic guitar that opens the track is solemn, it sways in the cool night breeze. Soon it is joined by harmonic partners and bass notes while percussion rises up from a synthetic bog. The stage is set for a gloomy moon. The vocals appear, silver and shining. They cast great light over the instrumental as it crawls; the presence of the Vox gives it strength and it begins to stand. The music rises in pace, tone, texture and purpose. The light shines brighter and the chorus hits with a soft but hearty thud.

Wilhelm has melded the worlds of new wave shoegaze indie with the ideals and textures of 90s grunge and post-rock. The sound is about the emotion, the way that it plays with you and the strength that it gives — or takes away. ‘The Creek’ is a profound sound that comes from a genuine place of musicality. As such, it is precious and awe-inspiring through and through.



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