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'Soulmine' - A Funky, Soulful Jam Band Collaboration from Ari Joshua - Overflowing with Musical Glee

Soulmine’ is a funky jam band track that digs into soul and comes up rich as all heck. Ari Joshua, Delvon Lamarr, Skerik and Grant Schroff have all poured so much brilliance into this single. There is a moment for everyone, and boy do they take it.

The song starts off quick. The drums fill the scene, the melody comes through the bass and organ chords. The guitar flickers in the back as brass and woodwinds fill the highs, taking the melody one step further and lighting up the sky. Break, the solos come along. Like great big band or jam band tracks, there have got to be tangents of musical glee. And so there are, and they are indeed gleeful. The saxophone takes a dive and comes up spinning, golden sounds fill the air. The guitar flicks and flares into a solo that catches the funk and sends it right back. The keys go on a hay ride and laugh the whole way. Good vibes are flowing, music is golden and the power of jam band sounds has never been more prevalent. ‘Soulmine’ is a brilliant single from an extremely brilliant group.



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