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"Spogliati l'anima" - Massimo De Simone urges self-discovery through 90s electropop and 80s new wave

Italian singer-songwriter Massimo De Simone has unveiled his latest single, 'Spogliati l'anima.' Available on all digital platforms and on the radio, the track delves into deep existential questions through a vibrant blend of 90's electropop and 80's new wave influences, interspersed with chart-friendly soundscapes.

'Spogliati l'anima,' which translates to 'strip your soul,' poses a poignant question - are we living the life we truly desire, or are we merely playing the roles that society and institutions have written for us? It forces the listener to confront the reality that we often act as mere cogs in a large mechanism, performing our roles dutifully until a disruptive force compels us to reevaluate our existence.

According to De Simone, the only way to answer this question is by shedding all the superficial layers that suffocate our souls, to uncover our true, unconditioned selves. This process, though unpredictable and potentially unnerving, is an inevitable journey that we all must undertake at some point in our lives.

With 'Spogliati l'anima,' De Simone invites us to embrace this uncertainty and journey towards self-discovery. Because in the end, stripping the soul of all its pretences will be worth it, allowing us to 'breathe the impossible' once more. This introspective track, with its thought-provoking lyrics and evocative melody, encourages listeners to shed their external layers and get in touch with their core essence.


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