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Spy From Moscow's 'Soldier Song': A Modern-Day Indie Classic That Invites You to Dig Deep

Spy From Moscow take indie sounds and refine them, turning them into songs for the ages, modern day classics. Their single, ‘Soldier Song,’ is a perfect example of this. It’s delightfully smooth from top to bottom. The bass and the low percussion work together to create a powerful foundation. The mids start to make their approach; slow strummed guitars and low chords. There are horns in the back which march, making their way towards the front so they can stand beside those wonderful vocals. There are few voices on this earth with a power like the Spy From Moscow. There is a quality there that doesn’t just make you listen, it makes you want to listen, with all your heart.

At the purest point of it all, ‘Soldier Song’ is a sad song. But it isn’t sad for sad’s sake. There is a personal message buried in the thick of the track, one that will be different for everyone. So I ask you: take the time to really listen to this one. Turn off the screens, don’t scroll and listen, get lost in it. At the heart of the song you will discover something. But the journey you take to get there will be the biggest change of all. If you can’t tell, I loved this song — and I will be keeping a keen eye on Spy From Moscow as to not miss any of the magic I am sure they are yet to make. Powerful stuff, truly powerful.



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